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Rivers of America


History and photos of the Rivers of America section of the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

Magic Kingdom - Rivers of America - 1971

In the western section of the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World is where you'll find the Rivers of America, a body of water that not only adds a tremendous amount of theming to the area, but it also provides a common link and smooth transition between Frontierland and Liberty Square.

Magic Kingdom - Rivers of America - 2001

When the Magic Kingdom opened in 1971, park guests had three ways to explore the Rivers of America and circle what would become Tom Sawyer Island.  Park guests could board the Liberty Square Riverboat (originally known as the Admiral Joe Fowler Riverboat), cruise the rivers on the Mike Fink Keelboats, or grab a paddle and explore the area at a much slower pace on the Davy Crockett's Explorer Canoes.

Magic Kingdom - Rivers of America - 2013

Today, both the keelboats and canoes are long gone, but guests can still use the riverboat to explore the river.  As you travel on the river you'll not only have great views of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Tom Sawyer's Island, and The Haunted Mansion, but you'll see other themed areas such as an old man with his dog sitting on a dock, a tribe of Indians, and even some hints of raiders and a secret hideout on the far side of the island.

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Walt Disney World - Magic Kingdom - Rivers of America:

Rivers of America - sunset:

Rivers of America - evening:

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