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Photos of the entrance area at Epcot including the parking lot, bus station, and the Epcot monorail station.

At the front of Epcot is where you'll find the main entrance, an area that functions as the transition and "decompression" zone from today's world with that of the sights, sounds and wonders within Epcot.  This is also where you will pass through the security checkpoint, purchase or pick up your theme park admission tickets (if needed), and then pass through the entrance turnstyles.

Here in the entrance area is where you'll find the parking lot, the bus station, and the Epcot monorail station.

Like the rest of Epcot's Future World, the structures and landscape throughout the entrance area is sleek, futuristic, and open, such as one of my favorite structures, the Epcot monorail station.  Considering that most of this area was also designed and constructed in the mid to late 1970s, many of the futuristic structures now unintentionally have a retro look to them, making it even more nostalgic.

Most of the park guests arriving at Epcot will pass through this entrance area.  The rest of them will use the International Gateway in World Showcase at the rear of the park.

Epcot's entrance area has experienced only minor changes here and there throughout the year.  The biggest change occurred after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C., when a fence and security checkpoint were added outside of the main entrance (and outside of the International Gateway as well).  The main security checkpoint is now located underneath the Epcot monorail station.

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Walt Disney World - Epcot - entrance area:

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Epcot - entrance area - bus station:

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