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Photos of the Downtown Disney shopping and dining complex at Walt Disney World.

 Downtown Disney guidemap - 1997

Composed of the MarketplacePleasure Island and the West Side, Downtown Disney is a massive complex home to a wide variety of shops, restaurants and a few other activities as well.  Whether you're looking for a fancy or exotic restaurant, trendy shops, a place to create your own racecar or stuffed dinosaur, all the fun and excitement of DisneyQuest or Cirque du Soleil, a scenic view from 400 feet in the air on the Characters In Flight observation balloon, or a band playing at the House of Blues, Downtown Disney has it all.

Looking for a bar to enjoy an alcoholic drink or two?  No problem there.  Throughout Downtown Disney you'll find over half a dozen watering holes offering a variety of brews and mixed drinks.

Downtown Disney guidemap - May 2008

Downtown Disney is set along the southern side of Village Lake, the body of water that separates Downtown Disney and Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort.  The Sassagoula Steam Boat Company is a water taxi service that provides free transportation between Downtown Disney, Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort, and Disney's Port Orleans (both Riverside and French Quarter) Resort.

 Downtown Disney guidemap - August 2014

Downtown Disney is currently going through a lengthy refurbishment process that will convert it into Disney Springs, an even *larger* shopping and dining complex.  Parking decks will be added along with nearly a hundred more shops and restaurants.  Disney Springs is expected to be completed by 2017.

Accessing Downtown Disney is simple and easy.

DRIVING - Parking at Downtown Disney is free.  Just take note that the parking lot is normally jammed on the weekends and especially Friday and Saturday nights.

BUS - The Walt Disney World bus system provides complimentary bus transportation between the Walt Disney World resorts and Downtown Disney.  NOTE - There is no direct bus access between any Disney theme park and Downtown Disney.

BOAT - Guests staying at Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort along with Disney's Port Orleans Resort can take a boat cruise to and from Downtown Disney.

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Walt Disney World - Downtown Disney:

Downtown Disney - The Happiest Celebration on Earth (2005-06):

Downtown Disney - advertisements:

Downtown Disney - Sassagoula Steam Boat Co. (water taxi):

Village Lake:

Village Lake - storm clouds:


Disney Springs - concept art:

Disney Springs - 2014 construction:

Disney Springs - 2014 construction - Marketplace bridge:

Disney Springs - 2014 construction - west parking garage: