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(June 7, 1990 - present)


History and photos of the E.T. Adventure ride in the Woody Woodpecker's KidZone section in Universal Studios Florida.

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Opening with the rest of Universal Studios Florida on June 7, 1990, E.T. Adventure is a family-friendly, dark ride that takes guests into the world of 1982's smash hit, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

Universal Studios Florida - Woody Woodpecker's KidZone - E.T. Adventure - 1998

E.T. Adventure continues the story in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.  After learning the fate of E.T.'s home planet, it's up to us to board bikes (or a spaceship in the original version of the ride), and take E.T. back home.


The exterior of the E.T. Adventure is themed to a sound stage where E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is being filmed.  We go through an outside line queue and then enter a small holding area.  Television monitors briefly talk about the making of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and also provide bits of trivia about the film to keep us entertained while we're waiting for our turn.


The automatic doors open and our group enters the building.  Inside is a small room containing the preshow for the ride.  Steven Spielberg hosts the preshow video and explains how E.T.'s home world, the Green Planet, is dying without the aid of E.T.'s magic touch.  We're told to take E.T. back to his home planet so that he can save the life of his friends.  Before departing we're going to need an Interplanetary Passport.  In the next room there are some workers sitting at computer terminals, and we're instructed to give the workers our first name.  They scan the name into the passport, and we then take the passport and give it to the workers just prior to boarding the ride vehicle.


After receiving our Interplanetary Passport, we then proceed through the interior line queue.  This line queue is themed to being in a forest at night.  Take note that this line queue is VERY dark!  Small animatronic animals peek out from behind trees as we wander through the woods.  We also see scientists trying to track the extra-terrestrial visitor that just wandered through the area.  Every once in a while you'll see E.T.'s glowing red heart race through the trees as he flees in terror.  In the line queue we'll also see the communications device that E.T. and Elliot built to contact E.T.'s home world.  It's still operational and communicating with E.T.'s companions.

Periodically the line queue will be visited by Botanicus, E.T.'s teacher on the Green Planet.  He reminds us that the Green Planet is dying, and that the aliens there urgently need E.T.'s help.

At the end of the line queue is the loading station for the ride.  The workers will collect your Interplanetary Passport and then assign you a row on the ride vehicle.  In the original version of the ride, you could ride on either a bicycle or a spaceship.  The spaceships were removed when the ride went through an extensive refurbishment years ago, and now everybody rides on bicycles.  However, if you listen closely to Botanicus, you'll still hear him referencing riding on a bike or a spaceship to the Green Planet.  Botanicus was still speaking that way as of 2014.


Each ride vehicle is actually a set of twelve bicycles organized in three rows of four bikes.  The assembly is suspended from the ceiling, enhancing the effect that we're really "riding" over the ground and also "flying" through outer space.

The ride begins as we roll through the forest and help E.T. return home.  We head up a hill and stumble into a temporary compound with NASA scientists.  We're spotted and they see that we have E.T.  The chase is on as we race through the forest and evade capture by the scientists.  Police cars try to block our path but E.T. uses his magic to make our bikes fly.  We soar up a hill and escape from the scientists and police!  Our bikes briefly fly over the city before travelling through space and warping to the Green Planet.

We arrive on the Green Planet and Botanicus is standing by a spaceship, urging E.T. to heal his friends.  We pass through a cave and E.T.'s magic touch brings his alien friends back to life.  The Green Planet has been saved!  The aliens throw us a party to celebrate E.T.'s return along with him saving their planet from certain death.  The aliens sing and dance and have a great time.

Our bikes stop by E.T. before departing, and E.T. thanks us personally for helping him save his planet.  Remember those Interplanetary Passports with our names?  They're needed for this point in the ride when E.T. says good-bye.

The ride vehicles then arrive at the unloading station and our ride is finished.  The lap bars raise and we follow the exit ramp to E.T. Toy Closet store, the exit for the ride.


E.T. Toy Closet store features a variety of merchandise related to E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.  The store also has a place for people to sit on a bike and have their picture taken with E.T. riding in the bike's basket.

E.T. Adventure is a fantastic, family-friendly ride that can be enjoyed by most people.  Take note that a couple of moments on the ride are loud and might be considered scary for the younger riders, but the rest of the experience is fun for everyone, especially during the celebration sequence at the end.  From the incredible attention to detail to the cool ride vehicles to the story itself, E.T. Adventure is one outstanding ride.

Don't be fooled and think that this ride is just for the kiddies.  E.T. Adventure still packs enough of a punch to keep the teenagers and older crowd entertained.  This ride is near the pinnacle when it comes to family-friendly, dark rides.  It's really too bad that these kinds of dark rides are losing ground to the 3-D simulator rides such as The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man and Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts.

Universal Studios Florida - Woody Woodpecker's KidZone - E.T. Adventure - 2012 - 01 Universal Studios Florida - Woody Woodpecker's KidZone - E.T. Adventure - 2012 - 02

E.T. Adventure is worth your time.  Be sure to make the this ride part of your family's itinerary when visiting Universal Studios Florida!

FUN You don't need to use your real first name for the Interplanetary Passport.  Sometimes it's more entertaining to use fake names just to hear E.T. say something different.  Just don't try to use Botanicus or the names of E.T.'s friends on the Green Planet.  Oddly enough, none of those names are in the database of names.  Believe me, I've tried it.  The closest character name you can use that's related to the movie and the ride is Elliott.
HEIGHT REQUIREMENT You must be at least 34" tall to ride the E.T. Adventure.


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