Universal Studios Florida

Universal ScreenPlay photos (EXTINCT!)

(2013 - 2014)


Photos of the Universal ScreenPlay interactive exhibit in Universal Studios Florida at Universal Orlando.

Universal Studios Florida - Universal ScreenPlay - 2013

Located along the Diagon Alley construction walls are a series of Universal Studios movie posters.  These posters represent a variety of films relating to Universal Studios' one hundred years of movie making history.  As you may notice, quite a few of the posters are related to attractions inside of both Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure theme parks.

All of the movie posters are actually part of an interactive exhibit called Universal ScreenPlay.  After you download a free application to your tablet / smart phone / iPhone / whatever, you can use the camera function on your device and allegedly access cool features and answer trivia questions about the content on the poster.  You can earn points and use them to unlock additional features.

Considering that the movie posters are located along the construction walls, it seems to reason that Universal ScreenPlay is a temporary exhibit, something that will be removed once they take down the construction walls.  However, if people enjoy this concept, Universal might expand this concept further into the theme parks.

According to the fine print on the guidemap, Universal Orlando provides FREE WI-FI where the movie posters are located.

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Universal Studios Florida - Universal ScreenPlay: