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Richter's Burger Co. restaurant


Photos of the earthquake-themed Richter's Burger Co. counter-service restaurant in the San Francisco area of Universal Studios Florida.

Universal Studios Florida - San Francisco - Richter's Burger Co. restaurant - 2013

There's a whole lotta shaking going on at this restaurant!

Themed to an earthquake on the San Andreas fault line in California, Richter's Burger Co. is a counter-service restaurant that dates back to the earlier days of Universal Studios Florida.

As its name implies, Richter's Burger Co. mainly focuses on hamburgers and chicken sandwiches as its main food items.  The menu is rather simple and the burgers here are pretty good.  You'll also find milk shakes along with healthier options such as vegetable sandwiches.  The restaurant has a simple topping bar with basic options to help customize your entrée.

One of the more entertaining parts about Richter's Burger Co. is its earthquake theme.  Every once in a while the restaurant experiences an earthquake (simulated through deep and loud rumbling through the speakers --- there's no actual shaking in the building).  If the earthquake is strong enough, the scientist in the sign above the ordering station will trigger the "earthquake alarm" and cause a bell to ring.  When the earthquake finishes, the radio station plays the classic Jerry Lee Lewis song "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" before returning to its regular broadcast.

As of 2013, Richter's Burger Co. is one of a few restaurants in Universal Studios Florida that has the Coca-Cola Freestyle drink machines.  For a small fee you can purchase (or reactivate if you already own a cup) a souvenir cup that allows you to have free refills all day.  A sensor on the bottom of the cup activates the machines.  There is a ten-minute waiting period between refills.

If you're looking for something simple, fairly tasty, and with some really cool theming, then be sure to stop by and have a meal at Richter's Burger Co.  Just be warned that this restaurant can be very busy during peak meal times.

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Universal Studios Florida - San Francisco - Richter's Burger Co. restaurant:

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