Universal Studios Florida

New York

Revenge of the Mummy

(May 21, 2004 - present)


Photos of the Revenge of the Mummy thrill ride in the New York area of Universal Studios Florida.

On September 8, 2002, the Kongfrontation King Kong ride at Universal Studios Florida closed for good.  At that point in time the BIG question was, what was going to replace Kong?

The answer was found in the recent series of mummy movies with The Mummy (1999) and The Mummy Returns (2001).

Universal Studios Florida - New York - Revenge of the Mummy - 2005 - 01 Universal Studios Florida - New York - Revenge of the Mummy - 2005 - 02

Revenge of the Mummy opened on May 21, 2004, less than two years after the closing of Kongfrontation.

The exterior of Revenge of the Mummy is themed as the Museum of Antiquities.  Off to the right are a bunch of lockers for us to store our items from cameras and cell phones to bags.  You're NOT allowed to carry anything into the line queue or on the ride.  The workers strictly enforce this policy.

Off to the left side of the Museum of Antiquities building is the entrance to the line queue.  There's an option for the regular line queue, an option for the Universal Express Plus line skipping system, and there's also the option for the single riders line.  The single riders line is often fast, but the catch is that you most likely will NOT be sitting next to your friends.  Single riders fill in the empty seats as they occur in each ride vehicle.

Universal Studios Florida - New York - Revenge of the Mummy - 2012 - 01 Universal Studios Florida - New York - Revenge of the Mummy - 2012 - 02

Entering the line queue we discover that we're really on a hot set for the fictional movie Revenge of the Mummy.  Overhead there are television monitors telling us about the production of the movie and how the movie set itself seems to be cursed.  Modern day quickly transitions to ancient Egypt as we find ourselves walking through a dark and creepy Egyptian tomb.  Parts of the tomb have been excavated and we can even interact with a few items.  One or two of the items are useful for scaring your friends and first time visitors.  After climbing a stairway we approach the loading station.


Each ride vehicle is themed to a small mining train.  Each train has two cars, each car has two rows of four riders.  With only sixteen people riding with you at a time, each ride on Revenge of the Mummy has a personal feeling to it.

The mine train begins rolling forward and we proceed deeper into Imhotep's tomb.  We round one corner and see a creepy shadow heading up a set of stairs.  Around the next corner is Reggie, a Revenge of the Mummy crew member who went missing some time back.  He's partially mummified and can barely move.  Reggie warns us that the curse is real and that the madjai symbol is our only hope for survival.  Suddenly, Imhotep bursts out of a sarcophagus and silences Reggie.  Imhotep tells us that with our souls he shall rule for all eternity.

Our ride vehicles make a left turn and we find ourselves in Imhotep's treasure room.  Sand is falling in front of us and Imhotep's face appears.  He tells us that if we serve him then we'll be richly rewarded.  During those words the treasure room illuminates and we see lots of gold coins and statues on each side of the room (If you quickly look to your left you'll see a gold statue of King Kong, homage to the Kongfrontation ride that originally occupied the building).  Imhotep then warns us that if we refuse then we'll basically be attacked and killed by his guards.  At that point warrior mummies jump up on both sides of the track.  A large wall begins to lower and threatens to seal us in the room, but we quickly duck under the descending wall.

The train suddenly stops after hitting a dead end in the tomb.  Scarab beetles begin falling out of the walls and the lights go out.  Suddenly we're rolling backwards and down a short drop.  The train stops again and begins a 180 degree turn to the right.  While turning Imhotep taunts us by saying stuff like the medjai cannot save us and that our end will be his beginning.  We slowly begin climbing a hill as Imhotep's skull is right in front of us.  Just as he yells, "Your souls are mine!" our vehicles launch up the hill, accelerating to 40 mph in only a couple of seconds.  After that it's roller coaster time as we go up and down small hills and around some steep curves.

Our trains come to a stop in an unloading station and everything seems fine.  But it's not.  Imhotep appears in the control room and the ceiling ignites and becomes engulfed in flames.  Imhotep says, "Prepare to forfeit your souls!  Death is only the beginning!" and our train rolls forward and down a short drop.  There are more twists and turns until the medjai symbol appears, destroying Imhotep's power.

While cruising to the real unloading station there's a screen with Brendan Fraser welcoming us back.  He asks somebody off-camera for a cup of coffee and then panics when a mummy's hand gives him a cup.  We arrive at the unloading station and Revenge of the Mummy is finished.


After disembarking it's time to walk down the same exit ramps that we used after Kongfrontation.  The Sahara Traders store is waiting for us at the exit.  It's full of merchandise relating to The Mummy, Universal Studios Florida, and ancient Egypt.  Of course, there's also a place to purchase our on-ride photo.

Revenge of the Mummy is part dark ride, part roller coaster.  The folks at Universal did an amazing job with this ride from the incredible theming to the creepy soundtrack to the overall fun atmosphere of the ride.  Sure, Revenge of the Mummy isn't as big and bad as the Incredible Hulk Coaster or Dragon Challenge over in Islands of Adventure, but Revenge of the Mummy is a LOT of fun.  It's a great thrill ride and a worthy successor to Kongfrontation.

HEIGHT REQUIREMENT You must be at least 48" tall to ride the Revenge of the Mummy thrill ride.
TRIVIA Universal Studios Florida, Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Singapore all have different versions of Revenge of the Mummy.  The general concept remains the same, but each version as its own unique layout with an original story.


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