Universal Studios Florida

city park photos


Photos of the city park area in Universal Studios Florida at Universal Orlando.

Nestled along the shore of the lagoon is a peaceful and tranquil area of Universal Studios Florida.  This cluster of trees, pathways and benches allows you to relax for a few moments and forget that you're in the middle of a busy theme park.

Universal Studios Florida - city park - 1991

This small park has been a part of Universal Studios Florida since the park opened on June 7, 1990.  One of the best features about this area is that it's overlooked by so many park guests.  Most people walk right past it, many of them not even realizing that it's there as they head off to their next adventure.

Universal Studios Florida - city park - 2012

The city park is occasional used for special events inside Universal Studios Florida, such as more theming for the annual Halloween Horror Nights experience.  Throughout the remainder of the year, this part of the park is often quiet and vacant of people.  If you're looking to take a break while staying inside the theme park, be sure to check out this area.

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Universal Studios Florida - city park: