Universal Orlando

parking deck photos


Photos of Universal Boulevard and the multi-floor Universal Orlando parking deck.

Driving to Universal Orlando is now easier than ever.  For most visitors this involves taking Interstate 4 to exit 75, Universal Boulevard.  People on the north side of town might take Vineland Road to Universal Boulevard, while those on the south side might take International Drive or even 482 / West Sand Lake Road to Universal Boulevard.

Originally, Universal Studios Florida had an ordinary parking lot like any other theme park.  The additions of Universal CityWalk and Islands of Adventure saw a need to change the parking structure into something bigger and better.  The result is the current Universal Orlando parking complex --- two multi-story parking decks capable of handling thousands of cars.

The parking structures themselves are pretty cool.  The design is interesting, the themed parking areas play music and audio clips from that theme, and lots of moving sidewalks will take you swiftly into Universal Orlando.  Take note that the Universal Orlando security checkpoint is handled in the parking deck before you reach the final sets of moving sidewalks.  This creates a giant "secure zone" for all of CityWalk, Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure.  There's no need to go through additional security checkpoints when park hopping.

TIP! If you need to use the handicap parking section, ask the worker which way to go when paying at the toll plaza.  It's easy to miss the entrance to the disabled parking area if you're not ready for it.


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Universal Boulevard (from Interstate 4 / International Drive area):

Universal Orlando - toll plaza:

Universal Orlando - parking deck:

Universal Orlando - parking deck - interior:

Universal Orlando - parking deck - exhibit (2014):

Universal Orlando - parking deck - night: