Trip Report

Universal Orlando

September 13-20, 2014

A (mostly) Universal Orlando trip report and photo highlight from September 13-20, 2014.

A week ago my wife and I returned from another week-long trip to Orlando, Florida.

Like last year's trip, the focus again was on the Universal Orlando theme parks --- Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure.  Of course, no visit to central Florida is complete without visiting Downtown Disney and at least some of the Walt Disney World resorts.  Not all of the resorts as that would simply require too much time, but some of them.  This time around we did the usual visit to the Magic Kingdom resorts as well as Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge.  We'll talk more about that later.

For most of our days in Florida the temperature flirted with the lower 90s, just as we were hoping.  By travelling in mid September we knew that we would have significantly lower crowds than the summer and holidays, and we would also basically have summertime weather.  It's the best of both worlds.

One quick note before we begin.  I'm still in the Stone Age and this website is best viewed on computers and laptops, especially monitors with a widescreen display.  This website isn't ideal (not yet anyway) for tablets or smartphones.  That problem will be addressed in the near future.

We've got a lot of material to cover in this trip report, including ultra-wide, panorama pictures of some areas.


Let's go!

Walt Disney World - just married button - 2014 Universal Orlando - just married button - 2014

On last year's trip, Jess and I had our "just engaged" buttons to help celebrate that event.  Disney had a special button for that occasion while Universal just had a generic button that required the workers to write a special message.  We were married back in June so this time we were looking for the "just married" buttons.  It turns out that Disney stopped doing the "just married" buttons.  As many of you have probably seen over the past few years, the Disney "just married" buttons featured specific buttons for both the bride and the groom.  The company has been doing those buttons since at least 2009 and the Celebrate Today! event.

Anyway, the new version of Disney's "just married" button is now a ". . . Happily Ever After!" button.  It doesn't look bad and it's a lot more discrete than the previous version of the button.  As far as Universal Orlando, as you can see, it's the same generic button as last year.  Universal does have a specific button for people's birthdays, but all other occasions just get to use the generic button.