Downtown Disney

After visiting Disney's Animal Kingdom, we spent the remainder of the afternoon and most of the evening at Downtown Disney.

Downtown Disney - LEGO Store - 01 Downtown Disney - LEGO Store - 02 Downtown Disney - LEGO Store - 03 Downtown Disney - LEGO Store - 04 Downtown Disney - LEGO Store - 05 Downtown Disney - LEGO Store - 06 Downtown Disney - LEGO Store - 07

The newest place to explore at Downtown Disney was the newly remodeled LEGO Store in the Marketplace.  The inside of the store was too 'modern' and very busy, but the outside had several neat LEGO statues.

And yes, we stopped by T-REX Cafe and "built" a dinosaur.

Final Thoughts

Another Walt Disney World trip is now in the books.

The late July days were nice and warm, and while we saw quite a few of the pop-up thunderstorms, we really only had one day with rain.  At least one of the nights had a great electrical storm in the sky.

Epcot - rabbit Epcot - squirrel

The wildlife was surprisingly low through the theme parks, especially in the Magic Kingdom and Epcot.  The normal flocks of ducks in the grass and hanging out around food stands and eating areas were rarely sighted this time.  Same thing for the flocks of heron and other birds that normally hung out in Frontierland.  Squirrels and rabbits were rare sightings, though one day we saw about eleven or twelve rabbits throughout Epcot.

Sadly, the rudeness of people continues to grow, especially during the heat and humidity of the summer.  Be prepared for lazy people to block doorways and stand in the middle of walkways, and slobs to leave massive piles of garbage behind at tables, on benches, and just wherever they feel is appropriate.

So was it all bad with the heat and morons and lack of local wildlife?

No, certainly not.

As a matter of fact, we had a great time going through all the parks, seeing the nighttime shows, and experiencing about 95% of the shows and attractions.  Each morning we were there before the parks opened, and most evenings were in the parks until closing.  Some evenings we were back to the condo early enough to take a dip in the swimming pool and let the warm water relax and soothe our bodies.

The summer is still my favorite time to visit the parks with the month of October a close second.  I love the heat, and cool air conditioning is never far away.  The only annoying part was going from cool air conditioning to the hot and humid outdoors and needing to clean my camera's lens.  Otherwise, warm or cold, any weather is fine with me when it comes to visiting the Florida theme parks.  It's just lighter packing when you're bringing t-shirts and shorts instead of jackets and jeans.

The new Fantasyland construction in the Magic Kingdom is coming along nicely.  I can see a trip back down here next year as parts of it begin to re-open to the public.

For me, the best part of the trip was being there with my girlfriend as she experienced her first trip to the Disney theme parks.  I loved guiding her though the parks and helping her see as much of it as possible.  Hopefully there will be more Florida trips with her in the future.

In the meantime, it's time to continue working and developing this website.