Epcot will always be one of my favorite parks at Walt Disney World.  The park is nowhere nearly as innovating, imaginative or educational as it was during its glory days (mid 1980s through early 1990s), but the current version is still a lot of fun.

Epcot - Future World Epcot - monorail blue

Sunny skies and VERY warm temperatures dominated each day in Epcot.  At least it's easy to find shade and air conditioning.  ;-)

Epcot - Spaceship Earth - 01 Epcot - Spaceship Earth - 02 Epcot - Spaceship Earth - 03 Epcot - Spaceship Earth - 04 Epcot - Spaceship Earth - 05

Spaceship Earth has seen its share of changes over the years, but its ride still has plenty of that 'classic' feeling to it.  It was noticed that this time around the sculptor was missing in the Renaissance scene.

Epcot - Universe of Energy - 01 Epcot - Universe of Energy - 02 Epcot - Universe of Energy - 03

The dinosaurs in Universe of Energy were fantastic as always, but the rest of the ride needs an upgrade.  It's time for Ellen DeGeneres to leave.

Epcot - Imagination!

The Imagination! pavilion seems to have fewer and fewer crowds per visit.  Captain E.O. has been bringing back some crowds and thrilling new audiences, but Journey Into Imagination With Figment (significantly inferior to the original Journey Into Imagination ride) rarely had a line.

Epcot - Living With The Land - 01 Epcot - Living With The Land - 02 Epcot - Living With The Land - 03 Epcot - Living With The Land - 04 Epcot - Living With The Land - 05

Next door in The Land, another of my favorite, classic-feeling rides is the Living With The Land boat ride.  Although cast members no long narrate the ride, and the beginning and ending have changed dramatically, a large percentage of the ride still looks and feels like the original version of the ride, especially in the rainforest, American prairie and farmhouse scenes.  And of course, the greenhouses are also pretty close to their original versions, too.

Epcot - Mexico - 01 Epcot - Mexico - 02

And just like that one of the old beaches here in Mexico is now part of a dense jungle.  A long time ago flamingos used to live in that part in the theme park.

Epcot - Norway - Maelstrom - 01 Epcot - Norway - Maelstrom - 02

Norway's Maelstrom boat ride had a long line throughout the afternoon and evening.  A change here is that you're no longer required to wait for the post-show movie at the end of the boat ride.  Now the theater doors stay open and you can easily bypass the movie.  Now if only there was an easy way to bypass those cramped and crowded shops after the ride . . .

Epcot - China - lucky money statue

The main shop in China was open again, and apparently people like to donate money to one of the statues.

Epcot - China Epcot - China - secret monkey statue

China looked spectacular in the sunshine.  If you looked carefully at one of the ponds, you may just happen to see a rather peculiar statue emerge from the water for the briefest of moments.  This is just one of many neat little gems hidden around the park and made specifically for Disney's Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure.

Epcot - Italy - 01 Epcot - Italy - 02

Italy is still a picturesque yet fairly empty pavilion in Epcot's World Showcase.  No shows or rides here.  Just two restaurants and a couple of small shops.  Oh well.  At least it still looks nice.

Epcot - Japan - kaki-gori stand Epcot - Japan - koi fish pond

Japan has a brand new kaki-gori (shaved ice) stand.  Around the corner, the koi fish stayed in the back of the pond and didn't venture out to the guests until the evening hours.

And those are many of the photo highlights from Epcot.  This trip I only used the camera one day in the park, and on that day I really wasn't focused on taking pictures of the same old stuff.  Somebody else had my attention on that trip  ;-)