Downtown Disney

The only time spent in Downtown Disney was an evening after visiting Disney's Animal Kingdom.  The Marketplace side was extremely busy, and it didn't help squeezing around the construction walls surrounding the LEGO Imagination Center.  A temporary LEGO store is already up and running next to Earl of Sandwich and Once Upon a Toy, so don't worry, LEGO toys can still be purchased at Downtown Disney.  Hopefully the new version of the main LEGO store will be ready again in the near future.

Pleasure Island was fairly quiet except for the people passing back and forth between the Marketplace and West Side.  The West Side was busy, but nothing extreme like during the Christmas and New Year holidays.  High winds prevented anybody from riding the Characters In Flight balloon.

Downtown Disney - idiot driver

We were greeted by this sight when arriving at Downtown Disney.  Apparently some people decided to use a bus parking lane as their own personal pick-up spot.  Surprisingly, no Disney worker or police officer approached the car.  Security insists on checking the smallest of pockets in my camera bag, but apparently unknown cars are allowed to park wherever they want.  Great.

Downtown Disney - temporary LEGO store

The temporary LEGO Store wasn't anything special, but the air conditioning was working really well.  Hopefully it'll be just as cold in there this summer.

Downtown Disney - Pollo Campero

So long, McDonald's.  Hello, Pollo Campero.

Downtown Disney - vinylmation Orange Bird

And one of the latest additions to vinylmation is the classic Orange Bird.  Vinylmation is still weird, but I like the Orange Bird.

Downtown Disney - Cirque du Soleil

The misfortune of standing at the very busy end of the West Side just after another showing of La Nouba at Cirque du Soleil.  People love the show, and seeing La Nouba is part of many families' vacations these days.

In the end, it was great to set foot back inside of the Disney theme parks.  It's great making the long drive down to central Florida, and it's always fun exploring the parks and seeing the new sights and riding the classic attractions.  And as always, I can't wait for the next visit!