Trip Report

Walt Disney World

November 10-15, 2009

A trip report and photo highlight from a short visit to the Walt Disney World Resort from November 10-15, 2009.

The Fall is a traditional slow time of the year for visitors going to Walt Disney World, and the slowest (a.k.a. quietest) part of the year is between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Most people are busy enough getting ready for the holidays and finishing projects in school to even think about a trip to the theme parks.  With that being said, for those who can travel to central Florida during that time of year, they can often find good discounts at the hotels and extremely short wait times for the rides and in the restaurants.  The only downside is that the weather can get cool and the park usually aren't open late, with Epcot commonly staying open the latest at 9 pm.

The past few days in Florida were a mixture of everything, from heavy crowds at times to cold and rainy weather for the first couple of days.  Those weren't major issues, and the visit to the theme parks still went rather well.  At least this time the weather started out being cold and rainy for the first two days, and very nice and sunny for the last couple of days.  The weird thing was that the visit to Disney's Animal Kingdom turned out to be the opposite of what was expected.  I'll get into that in a bit.

Walt Disney World - nice weather

Clear skies prevailed for the last couple of days.

Monorail Teal

Let's start out the trip report with one of my favorite things at Walt Disney World --- the monorail!

I'm a sucker for the monorail.  I've always been that way, and I don't see that trend or fascination ending anytime soon.  All visits to central Florida need at least one ride on the monorail whether you're actually going in to the parks or not.

Back in July of 2009, there was an unfortunate accident with monorails pink and purple late at night at the TTC, and one worker was killed in the resulting crash.  Since it was a fatal accident, monorails pink and purple have both been permanently retired from service, or rather, the colors have been retired from service.

Monorail Teal (light blue with white hashes like Monorail Lime and Monorail Coral) is the latest monorail to join the fleet of trains at Walt Disney World.  Monorail Teal is essentially the combination of the still working parts of monorails pink and purple.  It was a relatively quick construction project to make a new working train out of the two that crashed, and the new monorail recently began making test rounds and accepting passengers just a week or two ago.

Walt Disney World - Monorail Teal - 01 Walt Disney World - Monorail Teal - 02 Walt Disney World - Monorail Teal - 03 Walt Disney World - Monorail Teal - 04 Walt Disney World - Monorail Teal - 05

On this trip I was on the constant lookout for the new monorail, and I only saw it twice.  The first time was at night on Friday as my dad and I were going on foot (powercart for him) from the Magic Kingdom to the Contemporary.  The Magic Kingdom monorail station (both Resort and Express) were jammed along with the ferryboat, so we killed time by making the slow journey to the neighboring hotel and letting the majority of the crowds leave before we hopped on the monorail to continue to the TTC.  As it turned out, Monorail Teal was on the Express line.  But with it being dark outside, pictures of it were going to be nearly impossible.  Luck was with me two days later as Monorail Teal was one of the two monorails on the Epcot line.