Wild Weather

Pretty much every day on the July trip saw high daytime temperatures, high humidity, and combining the two, afternoon pop-up thunderstorms.

The afternoon thunderstorms are common in Florida during the Summer, but not the extent that we experienced them on this past trip.  It turns out that we were stuck in a peculiar weather pattern that promoted the growth of the storms and kept away other weather fronts.  We didn't see any large scale rain events until we were trying to leave for home on Sunday.  We had to wait inside of the Studios until the rain let up enough to get to the car and then hit the road.

A neat thing about the thunderstorms were that they produced local areas of rainfall.  In other words, the storms were small enough that it could have been raining in Canada and dry across the water over in China and Norway in Epcot.  It was also where it could have been storming in Epcot and completely dry in Disney's Hollywood Studios.

The other cool thing about the constant thunderstorms was the amount of lightning that was produced, especially when the storms were still around at night.  One night in particular saw an extremely brilliant lightning display in the skies above Epcot right before IllumiNations started.  The crowds were thrilled each time a magnificent lightning bolt raced across the entire night sky, electrifying the clouds and showing them just a small sample of the power of nature.

Downtown Disney - storm clouds - 01

Strong gusts of wind and dark clouds about the West Side at Downtown Disney.

Downtown Disney - storm clouds - 02

A storm is over Saratoga Springs.

Downtown Disney - storm clouds - 03

The windsock shows that it's too windy for the Characters in Flight balloon.

Kissimmee - storm clouds - 01 Kissimmee - storm clouds - 02

Some nasty looking storm clouds while driving around Kissimmee, FL.

Epcot - lightning - 01 Epcot - lightning - 02 Epcot - lightning - 03

Bolts of lightning at Epcot.

Epcot - rain - 01

Rain is approaching from Canada and the west side of World Showcase.

Epcot - rain - 02

Rain in the east side of Future World by Test Track.

Epcot - rainbow

The end of the rainbow is in China.  Wait, what?

Epcot - storm clouds - 01 Epcot - storm clouds - 02 Epcot - storm clouds - 03 Epcot - storm clouds - 04 Epcot - storm clouds - 05

Assorted storm clouds in Epcot.  With the wide open spaces and World Showcase lagoon, it's easy to have lots of good views as the storms move into the area.  Then again, with the open areas it can be interesting running from one covered area to another once the rain is falling.

Epcot - sunset storm clouds - 01 Epcot - sunset storm clouds - 02 Epcot - sunset storm clouds - 03

Storm clouds at sunset in Epcot.

Magic Kingdom - rain

Rain is approaching Seven Seas Lagoon and the Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom - rainbow - 01 Magic Kingdom - rainbow - 02

A rainbow in the Magic Kingdom seen from the border between Frontierland and Adventureland.

Magic Kingdom - storm clouds

Thunderstorms are developing behind The Magic Carpets of Aladdin in Adventureland.

Disney's Hollywood Studios - lightning - 01 Disney's Hollywood Studios - lightning - 02

Lightning in the clouds behind Dinosaur Gertie and Indy Jones at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Seven Seas Lagoon - rain

Rain is approaching Disney's Polynesian Resort.

Disney's Polynesian Resort - rain

It's still pouring rain as we wait for the Studios bus at the Polynesian Resort's bus stop.

Epcot resorts - thunderstorm - 01 Epcot resorts - thunderstorm - 02 Epcot resorts - thunderstorm - 03

This was one of the most impressive thunderstorms that we saw while on the trip.  We're on the Boardwalk and looking over to the Yacht & Beach Club Resorts with Spaceship Earth visible on the horizon.  As nasty and impressive as this storm looked, you would have never known that it was there an hour later.  We took a walk around the resorts before heading into Epcot, and that afternoon we had party cloudy skies with lots of sunshine just like any normal day in Florida.

Universal Studios Florida - rain - 01 Universal Studios Florida - rain - 02 Universal Studios Florida - rain - 03

Small areas of rain across the lagoon and just outside of Universal Studios Florida.

Universal Studios Florida - rain - 04

It was pouring as we were leaving The Simpsons Ride.

Universal Studios Florida - rain - 05 Universal Studios Florida - rain - 06

At least somebody was out there and having fun in the rain and deep puddles of water.