Animal Fun


The alligator watches carefully, waiting until a tourist's finger is within the biting range.

neat bird - 01

A neat bird in the Magic Kingdom.

neat bird - 02

A strange duck-goose hybrid or whatever that commonly lives near the Imagination! pavilion (appropriately) in Epcot.

neat bird - 03

An interesting bird is keeping watch over some ducks near The Seas with Nemo & Friends in Epcot.

neat bird - 04

This cool looking bird is posing on a rock in China at Epcot.

neat bird - 05

The bird watches you from underwater as it takes a bath in Disney's Animal Kingdom.

duck versus frog - 01 duck versus frog - 02 duck versus frog - 03

Here we have a "teenage" duck (not a duckling and not an adult) who thought that it could eat a frog.  The duck caught the frog (that was the hard part), but it couldn't quite swallow it.  The duck carried the frog around in its beak as it was later chased around the pond by a larger duck.  It ducked out of sight (pun intended; yeah, that was an easy one) and I don't know if it somehow managed to eat the frog or just gave up on it.  This incident took place at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge.

ducks - 01

A pair of ducks at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge.

ducks - 02

Little ducks using a duck ramp in Epcot.

ducks - 03

King of the water.

ducks - 04

Nap time near Mexico at Epcot.

ducks - 05

Putting all of your ducks in a row.

goat - 01

The goat looks like it has something to say.

gorilla - 01 gorilla - 02

The gorillas were out on the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail in Disney's Animal Kingdom.

heron - 01

A heron posing along the side of Splash Mountain.

hippo - 01

Hippo taking an underwater nap on the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail.

lizard - 01

Believe it or not, but a lizard actually stayed still long enough to take its picture.

parrots - 01

These two parrots were quickly removed from the Discovery Island Trail following this display of affection.

rabbit - 01

One this trip the vast majority of rabbit sightings were in Epcot, typically in the grassy areas in Future World West by Innoventions and between Canada and the Refreshment Port in World Showcase.  On past trips, rabbits were very common throughout the Disney resorts, especially at night.  Pop Century and the Wilderness Lodge are usually loaded with them.

sheep - 01

Sometimes you need to improvise if there aren't any pillows available.

smiling giraffe - 01

Is this giraffe smiling?  Well, it is lunch time.

large spider - 01

An ultra-scary tarantula!

tiger - 01 tiger - 02

The tigers were enjoying the water on the Maharajah Jungle Trek trail in Disney's Animal Kingdom.

tiger - 03

Mmmmm, tourists!

tortoise - 01

Yes, you can bribe a tortoise with a piece of sweet potato.