Trip Reports

One of the best parts of going on a Disney and/or Universal vacation is later sharing the experience with other people.  For the superfans, this is also a way of showing what's new in the theme parks and resorts, any celebrity sightings, whether or not you got stuck on any rides, and any other interesting events that took place on your vacation.

The trip reports also serve a purpose of giving people a quick look into the theme parks.  Was it busy on your vacation?  How long were the wait times for the rides?  How was the weather?  Were there any special events taking place?

The trip reports posted here showcase individual trips to Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando.  These reports are meant to supplement the other information found throughout the website.  Some of the reports focus on specific events (such as New Year's Eve at Epcot, or an animal fight at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge), while other reports just take a look at the resorts and theme parks as a whole, pointing out interesting events and other points of interest.